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Tamina Cemetery and Community Project CDC

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http://taminacdc.org & their Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/TaminaCemeteryandCommunityProjectCDC/ Please check out their page it is an amazing organization that helps out the Historical Tamina Community for generations to come!

In loving memory of ...

Tamina founded in 1871

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Some History about Tamina that most people don't know:

As mentioned above James H. Berry was the man who first bought and promoted Tamina and he named the Freedmens town Tammany, after Tammany Hall, New York.

Tamina, Tx is a Freedmens town. what that means is when the slaves were freed in 1871 they traveled all over the south as far as South Carolina to find the land that was unwanted by whites. Tamina was THE FIRST land founded in Texas!

Which is why it is so important that we keep our community on the map! Tamina has been home to The Black Community from generation to generation. They have tried to push us out by not giving us water supply & sewage systems they also were robbing us trying to OUT TAX our community in order for us to not be able to afford to pay and it eventually makes us lose our homes.

Tamina is one out of two Freedmens communities that is still on the map, that is because these communities  are mainly below poverty so when they get offered a lump some of money (which usually isn't even a quarter of the worth) they take it and go. Then those few people who do stand their ground get pressured out (which is what they have been doing for years with the water, sewage, & out taxing the community). 

U.P. Urban Promotions will be using our platform to spread the importance of fighting for our community and standing up to ANYONE wanting to take what is rightfully ours. We need to make sure that when the generation that has been fighting for us is no longer here that the generation now and for years to come has the knowledge and resources to keep our community on the map!

If anyone has any additional Tamina History they would like us to add please feel free to email us at U.P.urbanpromotions@gmail.com

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